Jointechlabs (JTL) Inc. is a regenerative medicine solutions company.

Body fat is rich in regenerative cells. Our FDA-Cleared device – MiniTC™ offers clinic-based personalized regenerative Medicine therapies using body’s natural fat, and is useful in treatment of pain, orthopedic trauma, chronic musculoskeletal conditions, chronic wounds and scars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current problem/issue?

Biological tissue manipulation requires equipment and controlled environment, which require major infrastructure and HR investment Regenerative Medicine therapies have had huge promise over the last decade but have not panned out as the standard of care yet, primarily due to cost of capital infrastructure, lack of suitable portable devices, regulatory compliance, clinic work-flow disruption, and quality of product.

How does Jointechlabs solve this problem?

Jointechlabs makes regenerative medicine accessible and affordable. Our FDA-cleared MiniTC™ enables healthcare practitioners to provide safe, cost-effective regenerative medicine treatments at the point-of-care without any capital investment and change in infrastructure.

What the advantage versus competitors, beside the price?
  • Can be operated virtually in any location, no OR or procedure room needed
  • No capital costs, easy to use
  • Provides superior outcome
  • Does not disrupt clinic workflow
FDA and regulatory status?

MiniTC™ is FDA- CLEARED with broad indications for use

Scalability, expertise of distributors?

Established USA production and warehousing. Established distribution network of medical device distributors


Cage: 8KFM3

What are the three top targets: specific professionals, companies, industries?

Top target markets are:

  • Pain management
  • Orthopedic trauma and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Chronic wounds and scars

Target Professionals/Companies/Industry are:

  • Doctors, Medical Centers
  • Hospitals, VA Hospitals
  • Military treatment facilities
How can this be applied to military in the US on basis active duty?

Our portable technology can be conveniently used in permanent military treatment facilities or in temporary military field setup. The areas of application and benefits are:

  • Orthopedic/Joint trauma to speed up recovery
  • Prevention of post trauma arthritis
  • Musculoskeletal injuries for rapid healing
  • Skin wounds/burns to facilitate recovery and improve outcome
  • Large wounds to prevent flap failure, infection and excessive scarring
Why VA needs this versus existing options?
  • Jointechlabs technology provides access to new generation of regenerative medicine treatments, which are not available until now
  • It will complement or altogether replace existing low efficacy treatments
  • It will speed up recovery, and reduce hospitalization time
  • It will prevent expensive surgeries
  • It will prevent excessive use of painkillers, thus less dependence on Opioids