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Regenerative Medicine: The Field Has Come a Long Way and Now is Having its Moment

Jointechlabs Launches MiniTC for Point-of-Care Fat Tissue Processing The scientific community has regarded regeneration as a topic of interest for thousands of years.

FDA Clears Jointechlabs’ MiniTC for Point-of-Care Fat Tissue Processing and its Broad Range of Applications

Jointechlabs – a leader in point-of-care regenerative medicine therapies – today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the […]

Combining freshly isolated adipose-derived cells with Regenogel-OSP

Nathan Katz, MSc, PhD, Jointechlabs, Inc., USA Avner Yayun, MD, PhD, Procore Biomed, Israel Procore Biomed has developed a hyaluronic-acid – plasma cross-linked hydrogel “RegenoGel” ..

3D Bioprinting of autologous adipose tissue for wound healing

Critical skin wounds are a major cost for the health sector and lead to immense suffering for the patients. One way to facilitate healing of these wounds is through autologous autologous adipose tissue transplants. However, the implanted tissue needs to be vascularized or it will suffer from necrosis. To combat this Stromal vascular fraction (SVF), […]

Nanofibrillar Scaffold with Plated Adipose Derived Stem Cells, Its Use for Lymphedema Treatment in Rats, and Path for Clinical Application.

Gloria Sue, Dung Nguyen, Dimitris Dionysiou, Tatiana Zaitseva, Cristhian Montenegro, Peter Tabada, Peter Deptula, Derrick Wan, Nathan Katz, Michael Paukshto, Stanley Rockson. Stanford University, Stanford, CA, US Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece Fibralign Corp, Union City, CA, US  JoinTechLabs, San Francisco, CA, US To address the current deficit of sustainable lymphedema treatment, we investigated lymphatic […]

Guided Lymphangiogenesis for the Treatment of Lymphedema: Preliminary Clinical Results

Catarina Hadamitzky, Tatiana S. Zaitseva, Nathan Katz, Claire P Edelstein, Manuel T. Escarraman, Dung Nguyen, Michael V. Paukshto Clinic of Plastic, Aesthetic and Hand Surgery, Helios Clinic, Hildesheim, Germany. Fibralign Corporation, Union City, California, USA. JoinTechLab, Inc, N. Barrington, Illinois, USA. Instituto Oncológico Dr. Heriberto Pieter, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Department of Plastic Surgery, Stanford […]

Comparison of different conditions for survival of human abdominal fat in vitro

Katz, N., Koukharenko, V. and Geldner, P2,3. Laboratory of Stem cells and Bioengineering, Jointechlabs, Inc., Skokie, IL North Michigan Surgical Center, Chicago, IL Geldner Center, Chicago, IL Introduction: Fat auto graft transplantation method for different reconstructive plastic surgeries has been fueled recently by encouraging reports from Japan, United Kingdom, United States and others. Hundreds of […]

Short review: Non-cultured adipose-derived MSCs for treatment of OA Jointechlabs, Inc

Treating patients with OA presents a significant challenge for physicians as no therapies to date have demonstrated efficacy in curing or even halting disease progression. Therefore, most approaches initially target pain management and factors that may be exacerbating stress on the joint. – Mayo Clinic, MN Corticosteroid toxicity for chondrocytes has been long reported, […]

Jointechlabs’ MiniTC training by Dr. Nathan Katz, PhD and Dr. Enrico Guarino

Jointechlabs is an emerging leader in the field of outpatient autologous regenerative and rejuvenating therapies. The recent commercial launch of MiniTC device causes disruptive waves across the industry. This unique sleekly designed disposable and multifunctional product offers uncomparable simplicity, convenience and quality alltogather.  Jointechlabs genuinely integrates its technology into existing workflows of healthcare providers, expanding […]